Elvamay Floristry Program (Since 1947)



In 1947, Elvamay School of Floral Design was established in California by Ms. Elva May McLeod Devlin(1898 - 1981).


Ms Delvlin was a professional florist in Fullerton, California. At her age of 49, she decided to retire from the flower shop business and founded Elvamay School of Floral Design in order to pass on her experience and give proper education access to those who would like to join the floral industry. Professional floristry education was rare in the forties and Elvamay School was one of the very few.


Elvamay Floristry Course is an accredited vocational training with internationally recognized professional qualification. We specialize in training professional florists, with emphasis on commercials design techniques and profit-making in floristry business. Students learn through an intensive curriculum which teaches design, buying, make-up, selling, and profit-making.



Ms. Elva May McLeod Devlin

(1898 - 1981)



Over the past 52 years , Elvamay School has trained many thousands of versatile florists who work in flower shops and other floral design outlets. Students come from all over the world. Many of the graduates in time become designers or educators through their further efforts.


In 1987, Elvamay Floristry Program has its professional training spread over the Pacific coast and now has her Registered Instructors/training centers in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China.


Greeting Speech

from Ms Miriam Somoano to Elvamay Graduates


Application Form﹕Elvamay Floristry Course

Wedding Decoration:




Cake Top Decoration

Cheers !

Let it be free !

The 1999 batch of Elvamay Graduates was having their examination during November 1999.


Their wedding reception flowers were elegantly romantic. The car trim decoration is a must to share with you.

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Awards :

2019 Hong Kong Flower Show

Western Style Champion

My Jewellery Box ~By Catherine


2013 Hong Kong Flower Show

Western Style Champion

Kaleidoscope ~By Rainbow


2012 Hong Kong Flower Show

Western Style Champion

Garden in the Sky ~By Rainbow


2011 Hong Kong Flower Show

Western Style Champion

A Basketful of Spring ~By Catherine Law

2001 Hong Kong Flower Show

Western Style Champion

Far away place ~By Annie Lau


1998 Hong Kong Flower Show

Western Style Champion

A Rhapsody of Roses ~By Anna Leung




Tonie Yuen Professional Floristry Program



認可輔導教師 / 助教 (Valid through 2020)

翁美華 Amy

2017 香港花展 西方插花藝術「爭奇鬥艷」季軍
2016 香港花展 東方插花藝術「和諧頌讚」冠軍
2016 香港花展 東方插花藝術「奇妙旅程」季軍
2015 香港花展 東方插花藝術「春花耀香江」亞軍
2014 香港花展 東方插花藝術「荷塘魅影」季軍
2009 香港花展 西方插花藝術「創意」季軍
2008 香港花展 西方插花藝術 小型插花「精美購物袋」亞軍
2005 香港花展 西方插花藝術「在那遙遠的地方」冠軍
2002 香港花展 東方插花藝術「奏梅曲」冠軍

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陳惠儀 Ayesha

2019 香港花展 東方插花藝術「春澗」冠軍
2007 香港花展 西方插花藝術 小型插花「流金歲月」季軍
1999 香港花展 西方插花藝術 (座架型)「邁向二千」優異

1998 香港花展 西方插花藝術(座架型)「熱帶樂園」季軍

區妙玲 Jessica

2013 香港花展 西方插花藝術「絲絲細雨」冠軍
2012 香港花展 西方插花藝術「思鄉」冠軍
2007 香港花展 東方插花藝術「生之頌」季軍
2005 香港花展 東方插花藝術 組冠軍「雪的幻想」
2004 香港花展 東方插花藝術「花澗清泉」亞軍
2001 香港花展 西式插花藝術「美的讚頌」季軍
2000 香港花展 東方插花藝術「串串珠蕾,串串情」亞軍
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