Ikebana, the Japanese word for flower arrangement, is an expression of plant materials in three dimensions, while a painting is an expression of art drawn on canvas.

There is no limitation to what you can do in Sogetsu Ikebana. Anything can be used as material and displayed anywhere in any circumstances.

Flowers add life to our environment by brightening it up through colours and vibrancy. You will be enchanted by the beauty of Ikebana and attain a new dimension of liveliness and value.




Fundamental Course : 24 lessons

Class Schedule: Sunday afternoon

(New Course start with December 2020)

High Course : 24 lessons

Class Schedule: Friday afternoon
Tuition & Material Fees :HK$2,500 /8 Lessons


Elvamay Floristry Program

Elvamay Floristry Course is an accredited vocational training with internationally recognized professional qualification.

We specialize in training professional florists, with emphasis on commercials design techniques and profit-making in floristry business. Students learn through an intensive curriculum which teaches design, buying, make-up, selling, and profit-making.




Full Course :
60 lessons of 2 hours per lesson
Tuition & Material Fees :
HK$9,000/ 15 Lessons
Art Director :
Ms Tonie Yuen



Pressed Flower Art


Practical guidance and tips on pressing and arranging techniques.
Making delightful pictures, greeting cards and gifts from pressed flowers.
Romantic ideas in turning bridal bouquets into wedding bouquet pictures.





Elementary Class :
8 lessons of 2 hour per lesson
Tuition & Material Fees :
HK$800 per lesson (HK$6,400.- per course)